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Contract Warehousing

UPI utilizes a network of warehouses across North America that are temperature controlled and HAZMAT capable to provide you a complete storage solution. Each warehouse is designed for safe and efficient chemical storage and handling. These facilities all follow the strictest regulatory and quality standards to ensure all customer and regulatory requirements are met. UPI can offer a variety of options and solutions for warehousing your material both safely and more cost effectively than your current provider.


UPI is a leading logistics provider that can offer solutions for your transportation requirements. Throughout our 50 year history we have built strong relationships with the major truckload and less than truckload carriers. By leveraging our carrier network you are afforded a regulatory compliant, safe, and cost effective solution to get your products from point A to point B. We have refined our business model over two generations and can now offer the expertise of our people and processes to your company.

Let UPI help you improve your supply chain by reducing warehousing, logistic and transportation costs while increasing throughput efficiencies. Please contact our Contract Warehouse & Logistics Team if you are interested in our customized supply chain solutions.

At UPI, “We Deliver Quality, in-spec and on time!”

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