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Quality Control

Quality Control

UPI’s   QA  & QC teams strive to ensure that overall product quality is maintained or improved and any repackaging and distribution errors are reduced or eliminated. Our QA / Qc team have created an environment in which both management and employees strive for perfection to deliver “100% customer satisfaction.”  We achieve this by training personnel, creating benchmarks for product quality, and testing products to check for statistically significant variations.

A major aspect to UPI’s Quality Control is the establishment of well-defined standard operating procedures (S.O.P’s).  These procedures help standardize both our repackaging & distribution operations and reactions to any potential quality issues.  Our S.O.P’s are made available to any of our customers or suppliers during an audit.

Our in-house analytical lab performs full and partial testing on all material entering and leaving our facility.   Our testing protocol includes non-compendia in-house or customer developed methods as well as compendia methods set forth by USP/NF/FCC monographs.  Our in-house analytical labis equipped to perform most Identification testing, including FTIR, color analysis using Orbeco Hellige Nesslerizer system, wet chemistry techniques, potentiometric titrations, solubility studies, microprocessor based pH and temperature analysis, kinematic viscosities, moisture analysis, oxidation-reduction measuring potential, refractive index, monograph specific tests, microscopic examination and analysis, Assay by titration, and more.  All material, upon leaving the site, is visually inspected, and then undergoes an FTIR in addition to other required tests.  Any additional required testing beyond the scope of our laboratory is available to UPI through our outside lab services.


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