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PMC Crystal


UPI is proud to represent PMC Crystal’s line of USP Petrolatums. The CrystalPet™ line of petrolatums is derived from highly refined waxes and oils of complex yet exacting composition so that each batch is meticulously controlled with respect to consistency, viscosity, shear strength, fiber length and color.


Because they use ingredients of the highest purity containing only saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons of varying chain lengths, CrystalPet™ petrolatums are scrupulously free from any aromatic hydrocarbons. As a result, they are essentially tasteless, odorless and nontoxic compositions that can be combined, if needed, with food grade oils and waxes to meet specific customer applications.


Crystal offers one of the broadest lines of USP petrolatums in the industry. All Crystal petrolatums meet or exceed FDA, CFR 21, section 172.880 for direct food contact. UPI maintains drum inventory, and can ship totes or bulk if necessary.


Please contact our sales team with any questions regarding PMC Crystal’s line of Petrolatums.

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